Little Scoots

Paul Moore also produced a line of kits, called "Little Scoots", which were designed to fit onto the mechanism of an Athearn Hustler locomotive. This four wheel locomotive was an inexpensive avenue of entry into model railroading, and the Little Scoot offered a low cost way of producing models of electric traction, both streetcars and intercity  cars. The small size of the Hustler mechanism allowed for operation on tight radius curves, which meant that a very small model railroad could  be produced.

The Little Scoots were caricatures of their prototypes, but all the  elements were there.

Although some catalog drawings show axle centers for two pair of trucks, cars  such as this Niles Car inspired interurban (above) were designed to also be fitted to Hustler frames, providing the model  railroader with an inexpensive streetcar. There were many cars in this  series.

Here are some other examples:

A “Peter Witt” streetcar.


Self-propelled gas-electric

Deck roof interurban

Self-propelled gas-electric

Heavy locomotive

Box motor

Moore also offered several small sized unpowered cars which were trailers:

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