Märklin 1 - People

A lot of model railroad catalogs have shown people using their products. Especially the children, even though it was the adults who were actually buying those trains in most cases. And, for better or worse, it was boy children who did most of the playing with the trains.  The Lionel catalogs of the 1950’s in particular, often showed sisters admiring the trains, but never touching them. And, Mom and dad were in the background, beaming with approval.  Go figure.  And, in the fullness of time, a lot of those little girls who never got to play with the trains have since moved on to buy and enjoy their own trains.  No Boys Allowed.

In any case, people started getting a lot more inclusion with the German model train catalogs in the late 1960’s and 1970’s. Change was in the air and this included showing the fact that those nice model trains actually had a human connection.  In particular, Trix, LGB and sometimes Arnold showed people in their catalogs, but it was Märklin that did it on a high level during that era.  And they really went over the top in their Gauge 1 catalog.  So, too, the Gauge 1 book “Märklin I für Haus + Garten” was wall-to-wall with real people using real model trains.

Here, some favorites from that era:

The caption? “When building a garden railway help is always welcome. But when Titus plays with the Circle Line, an accurate measure is hardly assured.

These photos are from the early 1970’s, and show the Märklin Gauge 1 trains in the back yard. The observant will note that there is never a wide shot showing the entire railroad, so it is likely that these photos were staged just to show the trains rather than to show a completed railroad:

Again, notice that you never see the entire model railroad layout. Here, an idea that came from the Lionel catalog; sister gets to look but not play with the trains:

And, as much as it pains the collector in me, here are hopper cars actually being used to carry stone loads. Those cars are expensive!

Another staged shot for the catalog:

From the 0324 book, three generations play with Märklin I:

The whole neighborhood stops by:

But, hands down, by far the most interesting photo in the 0324 book is this one:

I’ll let you figure out what’s going on here.  The caption: “One does not need to be a child in order to delight in the large model railway. Always, as the young people here have a drink served by rail.