Scale Cars

Many of Moore's car kits were accurate models of streetcars and interurban cars of an earlier era, such as this elegant Niles combine car:

This center door streetcar was based on a "Peter Witt" design.

This Niles freight motor was used to haul packages and light freight. These cars sometimes pulled another car.

This car, an interurban, carried passengers between cities, often at high speeds. There is a small baggage compartment at  the right end of the car.

Moore also produced a variety of street cars.

Gas Electric Cars

In addition to the electrically powered car models, Moore also produced a series of gas-electric cars. In real life, these cars had a gasoline engine which operated an electric generator which ran the motors of the car. They were often described as "trolleys without overhead wires".

Two gas electric cars:

An Interesting Kit

Since these pages were originally created, an interesting Paul Moore kit turned up on eBay.  It is a “shovel nose” car, similar to self-propelled cars built by AC&F and electrically powered cars built by St. Louis car for the Illinois Terminal.

This kit has sides constructed in the Paul Moore manner, with shaped paper car ends.